Writing and creating content to save the planet

by Prince Turtogo

I was happy to receive the email confirming my selection for the fellowship. Being chosen among talented artists, journalists, and content creators to undergo mentorship to spotlight climate stories was an honor I couldn’t pass up.

My passion for indigenous communities urged me to get involved. Unfortunately, those who risk their lives to protect our depleting resources are overlooked in the larger narrative. Moreover, I offered my writing to friends who lost their lives to save the forests.

Whenever we had sessions, I jotted notes and obtained learning nuggets to improve my capacity to articulate the ground realities. Throughout the process, I struggled to write or even conceive a topic. Our mentors pushed us to the limit of our creativity to develop fresh approaches that would resonate with people.

Embracing revisions was challenging because I was attached to my drafts and treated them as literary babies. Even now, I still find it difficult to readily welcome feedback. Nonetheless, I admire the mentors’ intentionality in recognizing and valuing the stories we create and share. As my friends, family, life partner, and coworkers can attest, I always keep Ate Biena’s quote, “little effort, big impact,” close to my heart and apply it to every aspect of my life.

The in-person bootcamp was the pinnacle of my journey. Meeting passionate young people and engaging in talks about climate realities and stories was motivating. We formed deep friendships and continued to support one another even after the upskilling workshop concluded. We came from diverse backgrounds and expertise, each with distinct subjects and ideas. It was a wonderful experience, and the CT fellows are amazing people.

Being a fellow is a tremendous honor. Working alongside mentors, absorbing invaluable knowledge from the program, forging long-lasting relationships, breaking down and building up to become a better storyteller, and eventually becoming a catalyst to save people and the planet are all opportunities and a calling I treasure.

We write and create to save the planet.