Painting a greener world by spotlighting parks in climate narratives

by Pat Labitoria

The Climate Tracker Content Creator’s program was helpful for me to be able to see the different ways on how to report or share about climate change and the stories behind the issue. I do not have a background in communication or journalism, so everything that was done in the program was relevant for me.

Through workshops and talks with the invited speakers, we learned not just about the outputs they produced but also the process on how they came up with their ideas. It was inspiring to be able to be given the chance to learn about our speakers’ thought processes as this is the kind of information one cannot really get when simply viewing their work.

The program also taught me how to shift my perspective and examine my surroundings through the lens of climate change. This is very relevant as it made me see the connections between stories on the ground and the bigger issue of climate change. As I got to know the other fellows especially during the face-to-face event, I was also introduced to their diverse set of interests and communication mediums or styles, further expanding possibilities on how to share stories.

Because of Climate Tracker, I was also able to work with my community. The program gave me a chance to share about climate change and the importance of parks with kids in my neighborhood. A mural painting activity was also conducted with another fellow. These activities were very meaningful for the kids because they got to do art and learn at the same time. I am still being asked about the next painting activity until now, about two months later. For us fellows, the mural and climate change education program we implemented were meaningful because they gave us a chance to impart what we know to the future generation.