Grounded, valued and empowered

by Ghillean Pranz Fegidero

As I look back to my Climate Tracker Fellowship, three words come to mind: capacitation, creativity, and community.

Communication is an integral aspect of the climate movement. This fellowship has broadened my perspective in various ways. May it be through campaigns, movements, and events through social media. It has taught me the power of the right words, angle, and audience. It has prepared me with the necessary skills that can be utilized in different campaigns.

Being surrounded by creative people, my passion and appreciation for the arts have rekindled. After suffering from an art stump for quite some time, my creative juices have been refilled, and this creative energy has been used productively in the climate movement.

Being the youngest among 13 fellows, I feel humbled to be part of a group of transformative people. Through this fellowship, I have learned my true potential as an artist, as a drag queen, and as an activist. My whole journey with Climate Tracker has made me realize that I have my own set of skills and talents, and through the guidance of our mentors, my morale has been boosted.

I would always reminisce about this whole experience because here, I was grounded, valued, and capacitated.