Unlocking opportunities: My journey as a Climate Tracker fellow

by Celine Murillo

Being part of Climate Tracker’s Digital Content Creators Hub has been a fruitful experience for me. Despite challenges in the structure and the timeline, the experience as a whole is something I will forever cherish.

Not only was I able to have support in creating meaningful stories about the climate and the environment, I was also able to connect with like-minded individuals and build a community. I consider the people I’ve met in this program – my co-fellows and mentors alike – as my collaborators and co-creators, and it’s so heartening to know that there are others who share the same values as I do, who will take up the mantle when some of us need to rest from fighting the good fight.

The opportunities that also opened up from being a Climate Tracker fellow were numerous, from witnessing how the Philippines’ rarest salt is made to sharing my experiences with young campus journalists in Eastern Visayas. I am grateful for the trust, support, and encouragement I’ve received from my mentors, especially Biena and Gaea.

I hope Climate Tracker continues to mount programs like this so that non-journalist storytellers will have opportunities to be part of the movement by reporting and amplifying climate and environmental stories.