In this poetic and lyrical short film, the story of Asin Tibuok is showcased, echoing the broader narrative of humanity’s relationship with nature. It serves as a poignant reminder of the intricate ways in which traditional practices are entwined with the environment. The challenges faced by the asinderos of Tan Inong’s Asin Tibuok reflect a larger truth – that the climate crisis reverberates far beyond melting glaciers and rising seas. It reaches into the very tapestry of cultures, threatening to unravel the delicate threads that bind generations to their ancestral knowledge and their sources of livelihoods. As the winds of change continue to batter the production of Asin Tibuok, the asinderos stand as both guardians to a tradition in peril, and witnesses to the profound effects of the climate crisis.

Special thanks to Climate Tracker and Oxfam International!

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Mac Florendo

Mac is a voice artist, magician and video creator. For this program, he wants to create a series of videos talking about climate change, food waste, reducing hunger, farming, nutrition, cooking, healthy lifestyle and other issues related to food and hunger.

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Celine Murillo

Celine has written extensively on conservation and environmental issues. Her work had taken her to remote jungles and wild forests. She’d immersed herself in indigenous cultures, learning how their traditional practices and beliefs impact conservation measures. She spends most of her time documenting wildlife and wild places.

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